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Join the Kidzu Community


If you’re a kids’ club, camp, or organization of any kind, you’ll want to join the Kidzu community. As an online magazine, we provide a variety of original content, research, and other resources parents are interested in. And once they’re on our site, our directory connecting them to clubs just like yours is just a click away. 

Kidzu Club Directory Search

Currently most of our clubs are in Virginia, Maryland and DC (though our camps are nationwide). If you’re in one of these regions, chances are good your organization already is in our directory. Search for it here. If it’s not, add it today, free.

Better yet, choose a Premium listing to stand apart from the pack! It’s affordable, easy to set up, and lets you really showcase why a parent searching for a club for their kids should choose yours.

Compare Basic Vs. Premium Listings

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How Kidzu Works

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Stories. Promotions. Clicks!

We research topics, interview experts, and create content for parents eager to learn how to raise healthy, happy, whole kids.

Then we promote that content across social media using advanced targeting and analytical tools to the same audiences you want to reach!

We connect them to you!

Once they arrive here at Kidzu, parents can use our free directory of extracurricular organizations to find clubs and camps just like yours. Think of it as extracurricular matchmaking.

So rather than depend only on word of mouth referrals, lawn signs, and flyers to recruit new members, volunteers, and participants, you can lean on Kidzu to promote content - and access to your organization - in one convenient location.

About the Directory

Our free profile listing is just that, absolutely free. If we've already added your club to the directory, you'll find your club's name, address, and phone number listed and a link to "claim your club."

This is the important part! You'll want to find and claim your club today. Because once you claim your club, you can edit your information, add an activity photo or club logo.

You also can upgrade to a Premium listing to really add some oomph to your profile! At just $10/month, you'll be able to add a detailed description, photo slideshow, member reviews, and a ton more. And parents will see that you're a club that cares about your reputation. 

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We're a directory.
But we're also so, so much more.


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See if your club or camp is already in our directory and claim it!


We're adding new listings to our directory every day. Don't see yours? Add it!

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* We review each club submission and reserve the right to approve or deny a submission. In order to be approved, we do our best to confirm a club submission is a legal and legitimate club in existence.

Kidzu is an equal opportunity organization and does not discriminate.