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39953 New Rd, Aldie, Virginia, USA 20105

Visit the Stonelea Farm Facebook page for all farm activity -- progress of our rescues, student accomplishments, trips we make, shows we compete in.)

Please note that we are closed on Sundays. Text 703-475–8711 for an appointment.

Exciting news! We have a new state-of-the art indoor arena!

Stonelea Farm offers horse riding lessons for all ages and levels of riders in a fun, safe, friendly atmosphere. Horse riding lessons are taught by Lucia DiBenedetto, a certified instructor with over 25 years of experience teaching riding lessons, and many years of teaching elementary school prior to that. We specialize in teaching a basic balanced seat with more of a focus towards dressage and eventing.

Your child will get to experience all aspects of the horse world, from the basics of horsemanship, such as grooming, tacking and untacking, to every day care, training, and stable management. Through this involvement, children will learn to love, care for, and respect horses.

Do you have a boy? Well, parents, it's a fact that there are more girls in this sport than boys – in the lower levels. However, the other fact is, the higher up they get, the more the demographic evens out! Let your son try it. They'll have a good time and they will love their time with the horses. Once a boy gets it, they tend to stick with it; give them the chance!

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Phone: 703-475-8711

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