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About Kidzu

Kidzu is about one thing: helping the adult world help its kids. We do that through informative, researched content and a directory of clubs, classes, and camps that, together, are focused on raising healthy, happy, compassionate, well-rounded kids. 

It was Frederick Douglass who wisely noted that “it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Meaning there is a direct correlation between the time, energy, and resources we invest in our kids and the degree to which they are prepared to enter the world as adults themselves. 

Numerous studies and research demonstrate just how effective extracurricular activities are on kids: stronger academic performance, healthier bodies, a greater appreciation for the world around them. The list is endless. 

So please join us in supporting these clubs, be it through volunteering your time, donating to less privileged families so their kids can enjoy these activities as well, or simply sharing one of our stories with a friend or family member. Let's build healthy, happy kids!


What We Do

We research and write stories intended to help inform and inspire the parents, guardians, coaches and counselors who are developing stronger kids.

We provide parents with a (growing) searchable directory of extracurricular clubs, camps, and organizations providing services to kids.

We enable youth clubs, camps and organizations to promote their services through our directory, which we in turn promote to parents.

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