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We dive into kids’ activities - sports, art, music, dance, STEM, theater and more - to help parents decide what’s right for their kids.


Search our directory of nearly 4,000 kids' clubs (DC, VA, and MD) and kids' camps (nationwide) by activity and location and special interest.


If you run a club or camp for kids, our parenting news magazine and directory can you connect with the parents who are looking for you.

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At a time when millions of kids are prescribed mind-interrupting pharmaceuticals, over-scheduled with activities, and bubble-wrapped to protect them from life's hard edges, it turns out there's one thing kids need more than anything else: time outdoors. As in, unstructured, unsupervised time to tromp through meadows, explore forests and creeks,...

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Summer Camp's Digital Cleanse

The nation's summer camps, which not so long ago primarily served as a fun-filled vacation for kids, have today taken on a far more...

Why Middle School PE Sucks and How to Fix It

In case you missed it, The Atlantic recently ran a piece on that unique form of middle school torture better known as PE (or...

What's Wrong with Youth Soccer?

It's no secret that youth sports has been struggling with declining rates of participation along with growing rates of abandonment by those who do...

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Why Specializing in One Sport is a Bad Idea

A new study conclusively demonstrates that athletes who specialize in one sport are 70 percent more likely to suffer an injury during the season. They're...

Why Fencing is the New It Sport for Kids

Eager to find a sport that challenges your child's body AND brain? Curious about which sport gives your child the greatest chance of continuing...

Why Girls Suffer High Rates of ACL Tears

Once rare in children, ACL injuries in kids have increased at the rate of 2.3% per year for more than 20 years. And the...

Adults Are Breaking Kids

Overzealous, yet well-intentioned adults are breaking kids. That's the consensus of a growing number of pediatric specialists pointing to dramatic increases in sports-related injuries...

Why Tech Leaders Don't Let Their Kids Use Tech

Parents who are struggling with how much digital screen time to allow their kids would be wise to consider that the titans of those...

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If you're a parent who wants to know what's trending in the world of child development, Kidzu is a great resource. The directory is like icing on the cake.

Barb Keiser

Coach, Mom

Kidzu is focused on the same things all of us who run kids' organizations do: helping parents raise healthy, happy and capable kids. It's nice to see that kind of commitment.

Melissa Dobbs

Founder, Metropolitan Arts, Mom

What's great about Kidzu is that it was founded by parents who also spent years volunteering with youth clubs. They genuinely have the best interests of kids at heart.

Gary Carr

Coach, Dad