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"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

Frederick Douglass

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Metro School of the Arts - Kidzu Review

Metropolitan School of the Arts

Metro Arts, as it likes to be called, is precisely why we got into this business. Walk through the doors and find yourself lifted by the energy, the creative expression, the joy in kids' faces. Equal parts art academy (with full academic accreditation), after-school club, and summer camps, Metro Arts is a living, breathing example of why kids thrive when the creative genie locked within them is at least freed.

Founder Melissa Dobbs, an accomplished dancer in her own right, is on a mission to revitalize the arts in a nation that is removing them from traditional school curricula.

Speaking of which, Metro Arts offers a rich catalog of courses, including dance, theatre, music, voice, and more. We urge you to visit the campus or check out one of the school's many performances.

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Loudoun International Fencing Club

Amy Papadopoulos founded this club to help her daughter pursue a quality fencing education, and has sense watched it morph into one of the region's best fencing clubs.

Red Gate Farm

If you're looking for a way to teach your child how to take on responsibility for another living creature, consider horseback riding at Red Gate Farm. The horse, says co-owner Christine Vitkus, always comes first.

Jimmy Potter's Studio & Workshop

A warm little shop in the heart of Fairfax where children and parents alike can be found learning the art of throwing, molding, firing, and painting their own pottery.