Google A.I. Engineer/Rapper Wants Kids To Know It's Cool To Be A Genius

Senior software Artificial Intelligence engineer at Google and rapper Brandon Tory wants kids to know it’s okay to be a genius.

We love this interview with Brandon Tory, a senior AI engineer with Google (previously Apple) who spent time living in a shelter with his family. His love of coding and music – he’s a rapper with a growing following at night – gave him a sense of purpose, and he wants kids to know that coding is cool.

Source: Google A.I. Engineer/Rapper Wants Kids To Know It’s Cool To Be A Genius

Doug Rekenthaler Jr. is the founder and CEO of Kidzu. In addition to a long history as a journalist, technology consultant to nonprofits, and marketer, Doug spent years coaching multiple sports and learning just how important kids' clubs and adult mentoring are to youth development.

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